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Lunar Ventures 2008 Finalist Teams

Grand Champion

Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University
Team Members: Erez Lieberman and Theresa Tribble

Business Venture Description: iShoe has a patent pending insole that rehabilitates the wearer’s ability to balance, reduces falls, and automatically notifies caregivers and loved ones if a fall occurs.


Pyramid Sciences
Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Team Members: Gregor Hanuschak, Stephen Gildea and Alexander Bruccoleri

Business Venture Description: Pyramid Sciences will sell innovative, cost effective space propulsion systems and seeks to apply these technologies in the semiconductor industry and other terrestrial industries. The company seeks to address orbital decay of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, the most significant factor for long lifetime LEO missions. Terrestrially the company plans to use the jet from Electrospray thrusters as a focused ion beam to create a new type of scanning microscope, and can also be used for ion lithography and deep ion etching.


Institution: Johns Hopkins University and Boston University
Team Members: Faisal Karmali and Timothy Chan

Business Venture Description: Using a marketing-focused strategy, Geohopr aims to be the first mobile, geographically-enabled, social networking platform to achieve critical market penetration. By collecting users' satellite-derived positional data, Geohopr's data mining technology will deliver innovative functions for its users, and will generate consumer behavioral information for retailers that is unprecedented in its accuracy and granularity.

IntAct labs LLC
Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and University of Guelph
Team Members: Matthew Silver, Justin Buck, Noah Taylor, Ted Fjallman and Paul Grana

Business Venture Description: IntAct Labs LLC is developing revolutionary biomass-to-electricity technology based on Microbial Fuel Cell processes. Developed under funding from the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts, our technology has application in advanced life-support systems for human space exploration, industrial and municipal waste-to-energy markets, and as power for distributed sensor networks.

Lunar Innovations Technology Development (LITD)
Institution: Utah State University
Team Members: Jeffrey C Boulware, Franklin B. Angomas Mora, Shane Boone, Cade Charlton and Chaoqun Shiela Lai

Business Venture Description: Lunar Innovations Technology Development (LITD) seeks and exploits innovative concepts to support space exploration with the immediate goal of exploring the economic and technical feasibility of lunar concrete. Future concepts of LITD's highly talented management team relate to lunar mining operations, ISRU materials processing, and in situ power distribution and their terrestrial counterparts.

Orbit Frontiers LLC
Institution: Purdue University
Team Members: Joseph Gangestad, Jeffrey Onken, Mary Cafasso and Pablo Mayrgundter

Business Venture Description: Orbit Frontiers is streamlining the path of information from space to consumer with its extensive database of satellite data and telemetry. Populated with data from several worldwide partners, our Orbit Library is a complete research tool, providing a primary source for gauging the behavior of past, present, and future satellites in the real space environment.




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02/20/2008 IMPORTANT!
Lunar Ventures Final Rounds now March 28-29, 2008; no activities on March 30, 2008. For details, see Schedule


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